Common questions

1. How can I guarantee that I will receive gold?

- You can buy small quantities of gold, for example 100k.

- I am the owner of a well known World-Trading Service:

- Check out comments written by the customers of the shop:

2. How long will I wait for gold?

Actual gold delivery status is: Tibia gold

Status "" - shipping in 3-15 minutes.

Status "" - shipping up to 1 hour.

Status "" - shipping up to 12 hours.

3. How will I receive gold?

Gold is sent with a parcel to a character name given in the order.

4. To which city will you send parcel with gold?


With the Autumn Patch 2012 all Inboxes have been merged into one Inbox to be made globally accessible: items in a character's Inbox can be accessed by that character from any city.

Therefore, it is not necessary to specify a city when mailing letters or parcels.


5. Do you sell items?

No, I don't sell items.

6. Can I pay via SMS?

Yes, Check out my website:

7. When will you have gold on server ,,X"?

I cannot give you any details, my gold stock changes everyday because I am running World-Trade Service (, but if you really need gold write an e-mail (, I'll try to fix it in 1-2 days.

Delivery time
Delivery up to 12 hours
Gold is sent via parcel to your depot.
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